Neviare in Lipa City is your home closer to the metropolis yet it is able to provide its homeowners that feel of being closer to nature. Batangas is blessed with lovely beaches, historical sites, mountain ranges and so many more! Calmar Land is also able to master plan this community with all the facilities and amenities you and your family will ever need.

It has a spacious parking area and drop off point, making it convenient for residents who have their own cars and using them for their daily travel to the metropolis.

If you want to stay fit and healthy, there is also a basketball court where you can play with friends or participate in leagues. With it, residents are able to play their favorite sports without traveling to other places.

There is also a clubhouse where community events and gatherings can be held.  You can hold birthdays, anniversaries and weddings in this spacious venue. It is the place where you can develop good and harmonious relationships with neighbors. Calmar Land ensures of a vibrant living space for everyone to enjoy and develop peaceful relationships with one another.

If you want to enjoy dining, the property has its own Al Fresco Dining. You and your kids can take pleasure in the sumptuous dishes offered by the place to its guests.

For kid’s entertainment, you can take them to the play area and enjoy quality time with them. Kids and adults alike can have fun in this place. Parents can bond with their kids and play with them.  Children can also play with other kids in the community.

For everyone’s convenience, the property is also complete with a water system, ensuring that everyone will get an adequate water supply. This is one of the most important features to look for when investing for a real estate property. Aside from that, the place is ready for internet and cable TV connections. With that said, you and your family can enjoy modern living in a secured and safe community. 

For people looking to stay fit and healthy but want cardio, there is also a jogging path in the property. If you’re a fan of marathons, running and jogging, then you can take advantage of this added feature in Neviare.

Additionally, there is also a lap pool and an adult’s pool in the residential property. You can enjoy swimming and relaxation in this place during the hot, summer weather. With these swimming pools, you don’t also have to go far and visit one of the resorts in Lipa City.

The property ensures of a natural setting as well.  It has a wood deck, a lawn and a gazebo. If you want to spend a lazy afternoon in one of these places, you are very much welcome.

If you’re looking to ensure of a wise investment, you may want to consider buying a property at Neviare.   Choose from a wide range of properties and invest your money in a good property close to the metropolis.

  • Clubhouse
  • Drop Off Area
  • Parking Area
  • Al Fresco Dining Area
  • Water Feature
  • Play Area
  • Basketball Court
  • Adult’s Pool
  • Lap pool
  • Gazebo
  • Jogging Path
  • Lawn
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